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Discover the bespoke African-inspired fashion of By Ele,
founded by Eleazer Radebe

By Ele is a fashion brand that celebrates African culture and heritage through bespoke pieces and ready-to-wear collections. Founded in 2012 by Eleazer Radebe, the brand embodies elegance, charm, and a uniquely sophisticated style that represents the global African citizen.

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Are you looking for a fashion brand that combines African culture and heritage with elegance, charm, and a uniquely sophisticated style? Look no further than By Ele, founded in 2012 by Eleazer Radebe.

What started as a home-based studio has grown into a production studio and showroom in Salt River, Cape Town. With a focus on bespoke garments inspired by Africa and its rich cultures and identity, By Ele has quickly become a popular choice for clients and the fashion industry alike. The brand's Spring/Summer 19 collection, launched in September 2018, received great reception from both clients and the fashion industry, cementing By Ele's position as the home of bespoke African-inspired fashion.

At By Ele, it's important that the love for the African continent translates into the work that they do. As proud Africans, the brand believes it's essential to tell their own story and not have it told on their behalf. Through carefully chosen colors and patterns, the brand seeks to relay a message of African pride, visibility, strength, diversity, style, and flair that represents the global African citizen while staying true to their roots.

By Ele has showcased at various fashion events and fashion weeks, such as SA Menswear Week, Africa Fashion Exchange, and AFI. Ele represented the brand as part of his exhibition at Design Indaba Emerging Creative at Artscape Theatre in Cape Town. In 2020, the brand unveiled their critically acclaimed collection 'Triumph' at SA Menswear Week, and pieces from the collection were featured in GO's May/June 2020 cover feature of international superstar Jidenna.

The brand is currently working on its upcoming collection and developing a core line of staple pieces with the aim to stock in fashion e-commerce platforms that align with the By Ele customer. By Ele continues to create bespoke pieces that tell the story of African heritage.
Join the By Ele movement and discover the beauty and inspiration of bespoke African-inspired fashion today.

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