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At By Ele, we're more than just a fashion brand. We're passionate about celebrating African culture and heritage and preserving it for future generations. We believe that true change and progress come from collaboration, which is why we're always looking to form partnerships with brands and individuals who share our values.

Our mission is to use fashion as a tool to educate and instill pride in our African heritage. We create bespoke pieces using premium fabrics and elegant craftsmanship, delivering a superior service that celebrates the beauty and diversity of our continent. We're committed to working with like-minded partners who are invested in positive change and expanding our community of individuals who aspire to higher desires and experiences.

If you share our passion for Africa and are looking to collaborate with a brand that is authentic and intentional in everything we do, then we'd love to hear from you. Let's work together to amplify our stories and make a positive impact on the world.

Artist Collaborations - By Ele

Discover By Ele's collaborations with up and coming singer-songwriter Odwa Bongo, ceramist Zizipho Poswa, and multi-award winning singer Tresor, all rooted in their African heritage and with global aspirations.

Collaborations with African Artists

Explore By Ele's artistic collaborations with emerging and established African artists, celebrating their rich heritage and unique perspectives.

Our partnership with Odwa Bongo elevates indigenous sounds to new heights.

Zizipho Poswa's ceramic work tells the story of contemporary Xhosa women in South Africa.

Tresor's music, a blend of pop and African rhythms, embodies our message of global aspirations while staying true to our roots.

Join us in celebrating these talented artists and their contributions to African art and culture.

Creative Collaborations | By Ele

Discover the latest creative collaborations of By Ele, a fashion brand that collaborates with talented artists, musicians, and beauty experts. Get to know Melody Zondo, the reigning Mrs Universe South Africa, and her collaboration with By Ele for the upcoming pageant.

Collaborating with Talented Artists, Musicians, and Beauty Experts, By Ele is more than just a fashion brand. We love to collaborate with talented individuals who share the same values and aspirations as we do. One of our recent creative collaborations is with Melody Zondo, the reigning Mrs Universe South Africa. Melody is a mother of two, a business owner in the beauty sector, and an advocate against domestic violence and abuse. She is also one of our muses and is working with us to create custom looks for the upcoming Mrs Universe 2022 pageant.

At By Ele, we believe in empowering women and promoting positive change in our community. That's why we're proud to collaborate with Melody and support her advocacy against GBV. Stay tuned for our latest creations and collaborations with other talented artists, musicians, and beauty experts.

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