About Us

The inside workings of our smooth operation will leave you astonished.

Company History

The company was established in February 2013 and only registered in 2015. By ELE Apparel & Interiors  (Pty) Ltd is a lifestyle brand that has bespoke clothing lines for both ladies and gentlemen. We also do interior design, home styling solutions that include custom made home décor products for clients who aspire for exclusivity and authenticity in both apparel and/ furnishings designed by an African with a global outlook.   

By ELE Apparel & Interiors (Pty) Ltd celebrates the South African/African history and heritage through fashion and interiors expressions and life of style. We achieve this through bespoke, sophisticated and elegant designs in both apparel and interiors, which we manufacture in house. We thrive on being global citizens who remain true to the authenticity that is the mother continent, Africa.

What we do

By ELE Apparel & Interiors (Pty) Ltd aims to present and provide apparel and furnishing solutions that are proudly South African and echo the lushness of the African heritage and pride.

We achieve this through custom designs that allow African prints to have a well-deserved platform; personal styling and unique interiors that are an expression of our clients from the South African and African point of view.

Strategy & Vision

Vision Statement

By ELE Apparel & Interiors (Pty) Ltd provides unique fashion expressions and interior solutions that enhance, reshape and introduce our clients with a global outlook to their best lives without abandoning their South African/African heritage.

Mission Statement

It is time we celebrate our history and heritage by merely being ourselves through the expression of our image and way of life in our homes. By ELE Apparel & Interiors (Pty) Ltd, as a brand, is proudly South African and authentically African and embraces the globe with all it has to offer.

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